Depends on a number of different pigment shades that are used during a client's treatment sessions. The pigments must be different shades as this allows some points to stand out among the others.

The process is fair enough for a skilled practitioner, but please be aware that others have attempted to replicate this technique with poor results. There really is no substitute for training and experience when it comes to achieving this effect.

Before and After - Healed results 6 months later

Before and After - Healed results a year later

Before and After - Healed results a month later

You can also see the video on my Instagram account:

Immediately after the last session

First session of three 

✨ After hair transplant, there are usually some holes that from a distance create an adverse optical effect, which are corrected by pigmenting the scar hair by hair. The lack of follicles in the area is blurred, giving an visual impression of hair uniformity. 

Through my hair tattoo technique I can manage to unify everything in a single color with different tones of pigment, different needles and different strength, (depending on the area) until a homogeneous color is achieved for a fantastic and natural result 

Another kind and happy customer who came to Oslo for a visit, one year after his hair tattoo treatment, the pigment is fully healed. A wonderful work, even on such light skin and very blonde hair, the results remain absolutely natural

This week I received a visit from a client who came to show me the result of his hair tattoo from a year ago. He himself posted a photo with his face uncovered in my place on Google in October 2021 . A picture worth a thousand words.

One year later I am posting the photos of him without covering his face because I have the consent to do so. Now I can show one of my treatments with the cured pigment, with natural light indoors and in direct sunlight. In all scenarios his SMT looks fantastic.

The next is a bad SMP from another provider, artist (?). It doesn't matter where. The point is that I'm happy to help with my SMP-rescue service. Client with scars due to a hair transplant, and an inappropriate frontal line design for her type of face. It was not necessary to remove the previous pigment with a laser, so this time it was possible, but unfortunately it is not always possible.

After 5 years he doesn't need anything new, the ink look even better than at the beginning!