Hva er SMT?


If you've come here looking for a quick, permanent solution because you're suffering from hair loss and wondering how wonderful life would be if you had a hairline so subtle that it will make people wonder if it really is a hair tattoo? Because it doesn't look like ink, not even up close, then you've come to the right place.

What I do is a realistic hair tattoo, unlike a scalp micropigmentation commonly called SMP. With that technique, you try to fill the head with pigment regardless of whether or not this has a hair growth effect.

The scalp micropigmentation that I do is a combination of two different skill sets, one of them being understanding hairline flows. Drawing the correct hairline based on your ethnicity, age, personal style, etc., which is just as big an issue as how deep the ink is applied. And the other component is inserting the ink in the right place. There is no more science here when you understand it well, this is a tattoo like any other. A hair tattoo with body tattoo pigments, but done in a completely different way that requires a lot of time and real experience.

I think it's a little confusing the fact that everyone calls this technique SMP, this category that we all fit into, I don't fit in and that's why my change from SMP to SMT - Scalp Milagros Tattoo.

In over 10 years of experience working with tattoo pigment, having worked on all skin types and with over 300 people under my belt.The advantage that I found in working with tattoo pigment is that the impressions that simulate freshly shaved hair do not alter over time unlike when I worked with "SMP" pigments, these are destined to disappear over time, and In the process of losing color, the pigment looked like a shadow, faded and discolored, and I felt somewhat ashamed of my own work because it was not my idea of improving your quality of life if in the short term this always will happen. When I dared to work with tattoo pigment all that ended.

I dedicate myself exclusively to hair tattooing, although my skills with needles are many; such as artistic tattooing, reconstruction or paramedical tattooing that serves to cover or reconstruct areas with scars due to accidents, burns, etc., and even permanent makeup. All these skills have helped me improve and perfect my SMT technique.

What you commonly see on the internet are the immediate results, that is, the day the last SMP session was completed, so the results will look very different when all the irritation is gone, all the ink heals and begins to settle on the skin and that's when you can really see how everything turned out.

- I not only show you my recently finished works, with the skin still red immediately after the third session, but I can also show you works from months later and even years of healed works. While the pigment is fresh it looks good and it seems that I have even covered all the areas with hair loss, but in the long term as an artist and hair tattoo specialist I know that something will be lost along the way. For this reason, at the end of the three sessions we will later have control appointments to verify that everything is as we expected.

All the photos I show you below are from the SMT process, from one of my clients (Photos below)

- To achieve this natural effect, I take my time. Normally I can fill in all the missing areas in 3 sessions, one session per week since the correct drying process is between 4 and 7 days, but then I have to wait for the pigment from the first three sessions to heal and I need to see you again a month or more later to give the final finish. You can see my healed work three months later under the light of a window. They look so realistic even in natural light, and it's now that I can clearly see that I still have small areas to cover. (Photo below)

- After all this, I may even want to see you one last time to confirm that everything turned out as we expected. 80% of the time the pigment continues to settle for a period of a couple of months. What I always try to achieve is that no one has to come back a fifth time and that maybe they come back a year later just to verify that everything is okay or maybe - and hopefully not - you have to make some adjustments because you lost more hair. But if in the future you have to return, it may be for things unrelated to the result of my SMT treatment. Therefore, we are talking about between 4 or 5 sessions to reach that long-awaited final result. (Photo below)

- And with this fourth session I think we are done.

If you are thinking about getting a hair tattoo with me, I highly recommend that first of all, you take your time to do a lot of research on what this is about, ask me the questions you need me to answer and ask the right questions because I know you want a treatment that in the long term that improves your quality of life so do not make a hasty decision without first researching.

You are welcome to look at photos of my work on my website, Facebook or Instagram. I try to be very transparent by showing all possible angles, or very close up photos and especially near a window with natural light. And if you pass the test of looking good in daylight then you will look great at all times.

The prices are established here on my website, and are according to the area to be covered. For the shaved effect or for density for those with long hair, the prices are the same even though it is more complicated to work with long hair, the prices are the same for both. The rates include all the sessions needed to reach the desired goal. My work ends when we both are satisfied with the final result.

You can find all the information you need here on my website, but if you think you need more information about what I do, don't hesitate to contact me.